Easy Ways to Duplicate Apps on Android Xiaomi Without Latest Third Party Apps

make the application double or double or duplicate it – duplicating or making double applications on xiaomi in particular, has been provided directly from the xiaomi. we no longer need to install third-party applications such as parallel space, Mochat, Dual Space Lite, Go Multiple and other multiplier applications. even we no longer need an apk editor, except in certain cases such as editing the ID Package name of an apk or application.

By duplicating the desired application, we can have the same two applications installed on our android smartphone. thus we can login with two different accounts in one application on our android smartphone. for example, you want to log in with two BBM accounts or two WhatsApp or Line accounts, then you only need to duplicate it and we can log in to the application that we duplicate with our secondary account or second account.

Or you want to duplicate the Clash Of Clans or Mobile Legends application to use multiple accounts or multiple game accounts, you only need one click and the game application can be cloned and you can enter the account as you like.

Here I am using redmi 3s prime, you can try it on your xiaomi phone and let’s follow the tutorial below:

  1. Open Settings/Settings/Settings > Dual Apps
  2. Furthermore, there will be a choice of several applications that we can duplicate. choose an application that you want to duplicate. for example i want to duplicate instagram
    Easy Ways to Duplicate Apps on Android Xiaomi Without Third Party Apps
    Slide the Toggle Button to the right to duplicate the Instagram app
  3. Next we wait until the application becomes double. if successful then a double icon will appear from his instagram
    Result after doubled

If you want to delete it, you can delete the dual application as usual you uninstall any other application. So that’s more or less how to duplicate applications on Android, especially on Xiaomi. Some of the applications that I have duplicated are BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook, Mobile Legend and Xiaomi Forum. Not all applications can be duplicated, so just multiply the available applications in the dual apps list.

So much information this time, hopefully what the admin writes can be useful and understandable. don’t forget to help the admin write by giving criticism and suggestions about blogger and android. Thank you for reading this article.

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