Here's How To Get Night Mode Or Night Mode On PUBG Mobile Android

Get Night Mode In PUBG Android Game – For those of you who are confused about how to get night mode on pubg mobile, you can get it randomly or randomly. so there are no special provisions.

but the night mode that the admin has just found is on the Erangel map only. for the sanhok and miramar maps the admin hasn’t got it yet. besides that you can also see that in the Erangel map there is a moon symbol which indicates that only in the map there may only be night mode.

Here's How To Get Night Mode Or Night Mode On PUBG Mobile Android
The current night mode doesn’t need this symbol anymore, so the night mode you get is purely random

so for friends who want to play or try this night mode or night mode, you can try it by playing on the Erangel map first at certain hours or times.

In addition, there are several things that you should know if you want to get a night mode on this pubg mobile, if you find a night mode then you will get a cloud mode that looks foggy and an evening atmosphere.

When playing in night mode, you will get a game that at the same time can change slowly like you will get evening mode first, then night mode and then morning mode again. so there will be a change in time in this night mode or Night mode.

Don’t forget that in PUBG Mobile night mode there is a new item called Night Vision Goggles. night vision goggles is a tool used to see in the dark at night in the game pubg mobile. so this item is important guys if you play on pubg mobile. the following is the appearance of this night vision Goggles item

As you can see above, this night vision item will activate automatically if it has changed to night mode. later this night vision item will display a notification to us to activate it. if you want to activate it manually, you can click on the bag and select on on the night vision item.

That’s more or less a review of Night Mode or Night Mode on the PUBG Mobile Android game. more or less you just add in the comments column the shortcomings of this discussion.

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