How to Add a New Author Account to a Blog Easily

Welcome back, my friend, Gapunyakode, if I review the articles that I have made, it turns out that there are very few that discuss blogs. Well this time I want to invite all of you to get to know the features of blogger, which is about adding an author account on a blog.

But before that, Buddy already know what are the benefits that we get if we take advantage of this feature? Here are some benefits of adding a new author account on a blog version of Gapunyakode:

  • Adding a new author account will make it easier for us to manage the blog in terms of article updates, display design and others
  • Help us when we forget the password, if in a blog there are two admin type accounts with different account ownership, when one forgets you can add a new author account again
  • To move the blog to another email account

Next we will go to the steps of how to add a new author account on a blog. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Login to blogger
  2. Click settings on the left menu
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, then see the permissions section
  4. Click Add Author
  5. Write down your friend’s email address
  6. Then click the invite friends button (you can also add from the contacts you have)
  7. Done

At this stage we just have to wait for our invitation to be accepted by our friends, try to do it as soon as possible otherwise the new writer’s invitation that we send will expire and we have to invite our friend back.

If a friend has approved our invitation, then our friend’s email will appear in the permission column, at this stage we can change the status of our friend to only be an author (writer) or admin.

Here’s how to change the author account to author:

  1. Select settings on the left menu
  2. Check on the permissions feature (blog author)
  3. Change status from author to admin

When your friend’s status is still an author, the left menu feature will only be available which only serves to assist them in writing articles, but if your friend’s status is changed from author to admin then the menu will be the same as your friend.

So when you decide to make a new account an admin, you have to be really sure, don’t let your favorite website end up being damaged or missing.

That’s my review of the light blog tutorial, hopefully it’s useful for all of you. Thank you

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