How to Automatically Copy the Latest PUBG Mobile Sensitivity

PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Copy – this time I want to share a tutorial to make it easier for you to move sensitivity in the pubg mobile game.

How to Copy PUBG Mobile Sensitivity From Account 1 to Another Account

You must have experienced when you are motivated to want to be a pro player, you will do some exercises to improve your playing skills in pubg mobile games.

there are several factors that cause us to become pro players, namely a capable device, a stable internet connection, playing skills.

even though your skills are great if they are not supported by good devices, then your abilities will not fully come out and there will be a sense of irritation when we face one by one with the enemy but lose because the device used suddenly lags.

back to topic, here we are not discussing the problem of becoming a pro player, here my focus is to share a tutorial on how to automatically move the sensitivity of the pubg mobile game.

This sensitivity is useful for you, because when you shoot it affects the sensitivity used.

the following steps to transfer pubg mobile sensitivity from one device to another:

  1. open settings
  2. select sensitivity section
  3. on the customize tab, you scroll down
  4. choose layout management
  5. click search method
  6. input the sensitivity layout code

this method makes it easier for us when you have many pubg mobile accounts but are lazy to reset the sensitivity.

so we don’t need to be tired of setting it manually anymore. or if you want to copy the sensitivity shared by pro player, you just need to request the sensitivity sharing code and move it.

it takes a lot of practice to learn with new sensitivities, not all sensitivities are comfortable for us to use. different devices have different flavors, need to be re-adjusted in order to use the new sensitivity.

don’t forget to watch the video tutorial to see the process firsthand, check the video below:

that’s how to copy the sensitivity of the pubg mobile control, you can also check how to copy the layout control so you don’t need to do manual settings again.

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