How to be a true gamer who is kind, not arrogant and saves diligently

This past week I felt sad to see the news about the persecution of someone that ended in sad things.

Yes, friend, I saw the news on youtube on the ambush channel, there was a husband molesting his wife because his wife was often asked for help when her husband played online games.

Being a Gamer is a Choice

I think it’s really crazy, friend, because I can’t understand what the husband is thinking. It’s just because of online games that he is willing to abuse his wife who has just given birth.

Games are not everything, friends, so don’t make a game a top priority but make your family the most important priority level.

I’m also a game lover but I personally don’t like it when I’m called a gamer. Why ?

Because I want to give the key indirectly to my brain that gaming is not a top priority.

But if you like to be called a gamer, it’s a choice and it’s definitely a right for everyone.

For us, friends, as professional game lovers, hahaha. Being a gamer is a choice because essentially after we choose and make a choice we must be prepared to take the risks of the choices we take.

So, be smart about dividing your time, energy and thoughts so that risks such as the need for lost family time can be overcome as early as possible without causing unwanted effects like other people’s.

Be a True Gamer Who is Kind, Not Arrogant and Diligent in Savings

  1. As a fellow game lover, whether it’s online mobile games such as, free fire, pubg, aov, mobile legends, fornite or other types of desktop games. The true meaning of the word does not mean that time, energy, thoughts, materials and full attention are devoted to a game, but our skills that count.
  2. Gamers are kind? Yoo, be kind, not only in a game, but not in the real world. Ohhh NO serious bro
  3. Gamers are not arrogant. There are several stages of people who are good at games, the first stage if they can only be arrogant, in the second stage they will learn again and realize that above the sky there is still a sky, the third feels that what they get is only a small part so that pride is gone and feels calm and gentle.
  4. Gamers are diligent in saving. Being a gamer is a choice whether you want to be a pro or not, if you want to be a pro then try saving money and gradually upgrading equipment, be it a PC or smartphone. In addition, savings can also be used for other purposes.
  5. The last one. Love your family both your parents, your wife, your children and your siblings. Don’t let them feel deprived of our attention and presence

Trust me, friends, the people closest to us will feel sad if we spend all day on things that are just useless.

For us young people or young people who are already married or have children too, don’t forget the real world life and don’t forget God and Worship so that we stay awake until the end.

Greetings, no code. I hope being a game lover doesn’t become a terrible specter. It’s sad, bro, to see something like this so serious, I thought it was only abroad or in movies, it actually happened in our beloved country.

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