How to Cancel a COD Order at Shopee A Receipt Appears and the Seller Rejects the Application

COD orders are still a dilemma because on the one hand it is profitable with the ease of shopping and on the other hand it is detrimental if used by irresponsible people by placing fictitious orders.

But if we want to shop using the COD payment system, then we have to know very well the procedures, such as how to pay cash to the courier, don’t open an order before payment, and what needs to be done to cancel a COD order.

I read a post in a community about a complaint asking if the COD order can be canceled or not? My answer could be. Then how? Here’s how

To cancel a cod order, the method is not difficult, friend, here

  • we just need to go to the order menu
  • then view order details
  • Scroll to the bottom and select cancel

Canceling is possible, but whether it is approved or not depends on the shop, because if the order has appeared or has even been processed and sent by the seller, we cannot cancel or usually the seller will refuse if you apply for a cancellation.

Therefore, if shopping is certainly not original, right? Be sure to first choose the goods that suit your desires and of course look for the price and quality according to your wishes. So if you want to cancel, do it as soon as possible.

What if the receipt has appeared and the cancellation application is rejected by the seller?

I’ve experienced something like this, namely receipts that appear quickly after we place an order and usually this happens when shopping at the shopee mall. However, I have two cases:

  1. When shopping at shopeemall I submitted a cancellation the next day my application was received and the order was automatic.
  2. Second I bought at shopeemall and I submitted a cancellation and the next day my application was rejected.

This second case is an order that will be processed continuously until the delivery period, then how to cancel for a case like this? Because I happened to have experienced it myself, I will share it with my friends.

After I submitted a cancellation, I tried to chat with the store admin and chat with shopee cs. The result of the conversation with the store admin was he couldn’t confirm the cancellation request and in the end it still couldn’t be canceled while the order was being processed.

Meanwhile, shopee cs advises me (the buyer) that cancellation cannot be done because the seller has processed it but the buyer can refuse when the goods have been delivered, namely by notifying the courier that the buyer refuses to accept (don’t accept or open the package).

By refusing the package to be sent by a courier, the package will be returned to the seller and the status of our order will be written that the recipient refused the package so that our order will be automatically cancelled.

But I once read an article that if you refuse a cod package, you won’t be able to use the cod feature again for a certain time. So for those of you who like to use the cod payment system, don’t refuse too often.

That’s a little information from the experience I’ve had and hopefully it can be useful for friends who are experiencing the same thing. Thank you

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