How to Change IG Account Name Easily

Honestly, friend, actually I’m not one of those people who like to use social media excessively.

For example, like now I just started using Instagram peffttt, where have I been all this time? I haven’t been going anywhere all this time, what I often open is only Facebook, Twitter once in a while and because more and more posts on Facebook are going negative so I switch to Instagram, even though I’m not completely separated from Facebook.

The first obstacle I experienced was confusion because I wanted to change the name but couldn’t find the menu.

It’s really bad, bro, seriously, I was confused earlier because I wasn’t used to using Instagram. But now you can, friend, next I want to share information so that friends who don’t have the code can also easily change names.

change instagram name
  1. Select the person-like icon at the bottom and far right of the navigation itself
  2. Next, click edit profile
  3. Fill in your real name in the name column
  4. Fill in the name you like in the user column (you can do the same, friend)
  5. You can also fill in your website address, if you have one, you can fill in your biography in the bio column.

After you have filled in completely what you want, then tap the number 4 button as shown above.

If the name you wrote is not available then there will be a warning that the name cannot be changed and you have to change the name that you wrote earlier, but you can add numbers to the name or additional letters to successfully change the name.

That’s a little information that I can share with my friend, I hope it’s useful, friend, I hope so. Thank you

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