How to Choose a Hero Role that is Suitable for Rank in Mobile Legends

There are currently six hero roles in the mobile legends game, including marksman, tank, assassin, mage, fighter and support.

Of the six roles, you should be able to master more than one, at least two is enough, even if more is much better.

But to be a pro, we need to focus on only one role so that we can develop playing techniques, because a hero is not just a hero’s skill, but understanding the right moment is the key to victory.

marskman lesley

If we only rely on the skills possessed by the hero, we will definitely be in trouble, friend, this is not entirely wrong because if you are still in the scope of the early tier, you don’t need much playing skills but if your tier goes up and up, it is certain that you have to develop your playing style, how to use skills. the right one will be important.

Well, on this occasion, Gapunyakode will share tips on how to choose a suitable hero for Gapunyakode gamers, especially mobile legends game heroes.

  1. Buddy must know your character in playing. Are you gamers who like to attack from a distance or at close range so that when you know you can choose the right role hero. If you like long range then you can choose a hero role like a mage or a marskman and if you like to attack from close range then you can choose a hero like a tank, fighter or assassin.
  2. Do you like to play solo line? If so, the right choice for a solo line is usually an assassin hero role, this role if you don’t have a code says it is a hunter hero because most assassins act secretly in attacking opponents. The solo line can also choose the role marksman, as usually marksman are mostly solo line mids. However, in this meta season, most marksman is always accompanied, it’s a little different, friend, but according to the lack of a marksman code, you don’t need to be escorted while in the mid line because it will cause team fights at the beginning of the match.
  3. Do you have a character who wants to help? If the answer is yes, then role support is the right choice.
  4. Do you have a protective character? Then the choice of the tank role will be the right choice because the tank is equipped with more HP than other roles. Therefore, the tank is in charge of escorting teammates to bring down the opponent.
  5. Important!!! Why did I say you have to master more than one role? Because if you master more than one role, you can get advantages such as knowing the weakness of the opponent’s hero, such as a cooldown moment.

Mastering more than one hero role can also help you adjust the team’s meta needs to balance, because it’s impossible for you to use all role mages in a match. Even though this problem sometimes occurs, the percentage to win is very small.

In addition, when you master several roles, you can avoid arguing with teammates. For example: classic things, whether it’s in the epic tier, legends or even myths even below, must have experienced what is called the battle for the role mm, so if you master several roles, you can just change it.

Some things I understand, such as when my friend chooses the role of marskman, you must understand the role of the tank. Why ? Because tanks cannot be perfect without marksman and vice versa marksman will not be perfect without tanks. When you can understand this, the collaboration between tanks and marksman will become the team’s ace card.

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