How to Overcome AFK Players Always Follow Wherever We Go

Boy!!! Of course, for gamers, you are no stranger to hearing those words, it is certain that if you players play mobile legends games or similar games, you will meet that word, whether you want to be in classic, brawl, or ranked mode, you will definitely find it.

Why is there a boy’s words? This word will actually come out of the player’s mouth when one of the team members is selfish or the game doesn’t think about teamwork.

Whether you want full items or the level is maximum, believe me, friend, we need teamwork, hehe.

A little vent, friend, in fact I often experience it when when picking heroes, especially epic tiers and below, there are still a lot of people fighting over mm marksmoaaann.

Okay, when something like this happens I prefer to use a tank because my base is indeed a tank, but it’s different from the other teammates when trust was upheld but was rewarded with a bad game even because there were too many defeats finally decided AFK. Then suddenly the word boy and so on often appear, my friend, you know what hehe.

Ok, friend, the point is not there, but how do we treat players who were actively playing and immediately decided to afk away from the keyboard, it doesn’t really match, does it? hehe. So here’s what we need to do

  1. Tap the icon below the warning icon (bottom of the map) as shown above, a display like the one above will appear
  2. If you decide you don’t want to be followed by an afk player, then to make the afk player stay in the base, choose to stay in the base so that the player will not follow you again.
  3. If you want an additional shield or a diversion, you can choose auto battle so that afk players will follow you, you can use it as an additional shield, friend, hhe
  4. Don’t focus too much on afk players because they move based on the game system so they don’t have feelings, bro hehe
  5. Last but not least, don’t forget to report because there are clear rules in the game that will punish bad players

The epic tier down is the most mixed tier in my opinion, because all the things that are a factor in defeat occur in that tier.

Playing well is the perfect choice, friend, at least we don’t think our teammates are happy. haha. But if it’s still being commented on, stay cool, bro.

That’s a little information about how to deal with players who decide to afk, hopefully it’s useful. Thank you

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