How to Start a Bitcoin Business About Where to Get Store Coin

Share a little about the experience of bitcoin, friend. I used to try to dive into the world of bitcoin, if you still remember the first pelecoin release or coinswap, maybe allcoin we are in the same year.

As I recall, 1 bitcoin coin was still in a state of decline, its value was still around 4-6 million, more or less up and down like that. Unlike the current situation, which can cost hundreds of millions, it’s very crazy in my opinion.

After I heard the news and was also surprised because the price could be that legit, I regret not holding bitcoin.

In the past, because the need was haunting and required to make withdrawals so that the contents of the atm remained.

In the past, I was looking for a free version of bitcoin by participating in giveaways, faucets, investing in hyip, filling in captcha, investing in web mining systems and so on.

The picture above is one of the proofs of transactions that fortunately still remains, the price of btc is still around 4-6 million as far as I remember, friend. Next, we will discuss the details of cryptocurrency coins.

How I Get Bitcoin

Participating in a giveaway usually has a few rules that apply and only with luck.

Investing in a web hyip, for this method, you have to be really careful if not, it’s like entering the lion’s den because there are not a few hyips that make payments smoothly at the beginning, but in the end it’s also a scam, so the key is not to invest in pay out for too long and make sure it’s already done. there is a wd and the hyip is still new.

As for filling captcha, this actually doesn’t last forever, because in my season there was a website that gave rewards to workers who filled out captcha. If I remember, it could be 50 thousand or more within 2-4 hours of work a day depending on your abilities.

Investing in a mining system website, you usually have to buy GHz or whatever, besides that, there are also many models, if there used to be a cow website, so we buy cows later the cow can produce some bitcoins.

Getting Bitcoin Today

Actually it’s not much different but the difference is the model. Freebitcoin is still there too, a web faucet model that spins and spins and we can get bitcoin.

Whereas now is the era of airdrops, airdrops are a way to get coins for free and we can trade waiting for coins to open in a marketplace.

How to get an airdrop is not too difficult, you know, friend, we don’t have a code, we just need to do the terms and conditions from the airdrop organizer.

Usually we only need to register and then verify, now verification is quite strict because it takes an ID card, sim or passport.

Besides that, there are still many rules that apply depending on the airdrop organizer, so you don’t have to complete the code so that the coin yield is also maximum. There is also boot mining on Telegram, friend, some channels are still paying, but not a few have been indicated as scams.

Where to Store Cryptocurrency Coins Like BTC

If you take part in an airdrop, then you need to know where later you can trade coins that will be given by the organizer.

To store your bitcoin coins, you can use Indodax, this indodax web wallet used to have a bitcoin co id. I was also confused at first why the old web had changed.

Besides Indodax, you can store bitcoins on the blockchain or wallets from other websites. I suggest choosing a wallet that provides the least amount of transaction fees if possible, friend.

However, if you want it to be easier and less complicated, then I recommend keeping a wallet that provides withdrawal features through local banks such as Indodax or similar wallet websites.


Starting to do business about bitcoin is not too late because this business is fairly long-lived like you invest in precious metals such as gold.

This Bitcoin is not much different. Buddy buying btc coins when the price is in a down state then selling it back at a relatively high price will certainly be profitable. While the price of btc is not always predictable, my friend can experience ups and downs and the increase can be very high but sometimes also in weak times.

For friends who are busy working and don’t have free time for a side business, starting this business can be an alternative because you don’t need to require a lot of energy and time for this activity.

Hopefully it’s useful for friends who don’t have the code, thank you

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