How to Install TWRP Redmi Note 4 MIDO Very Easy

TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Projects, what are the benefits or functions of twrp? TWRP has quite a lot of functions, including data backup (ROM, IMEI, etc.), installation, restore, data format and many more.

Why install twrp? On some smart phones nowadays, the default twrp feature is still limited so that it will limit the phone owner from making changes to the ROM or modifying the system.

As in the Xiaomi redmi note 4 if we want to enter twrp mode the available features are only a few such as reboot, wipe data and miassistant. So, to install twrp, what do we need to prepare? Here bro:

  1. Make sure your Mido has UBL Unlock Bootloader
  2. Prepare your Laptop/PC
  3. Try the original USB

Friend, prepare the following ingredients

You can download this material at (, so you just have to search on the web and all the ingredients are already available there.

  1. Minimal adb fastboot (search keyword: minimal adb fastboot)
  2. Twrp MIDO (search keyword: coffface) select the zip file that says mido
  3. (search keyword : lazyflasher)
  4. SuperSu (search keyword: supersu) For those who want to root

Why didn’t I include the link? Because so that you decide for yourself what type of file you want to choose, like this twrp, there are many types that you can use such as Abhishek, Orangefox, Redwolf and others, the most important thing is the TWRP that you choose specifically for the Mido Redmi Note 4/4x.

Steps to Install TWRP Mido

  • Copy lazyflasher to your internal memory
  • Enable USB Debugging (in developer options) To enter developer options or developer options, enter about phone, tap on miui version 7 times then return to settings select additonal settings
  • Extract Minimal adb fastboot (Install minimal adb fastboot)
  • Extract the TWRP file containing the disk image (make sure the file name is recovery.img if you don’t rename the file) then copy it to the installation folder at least adb fastboot earlier (c:program filesminimal adb and fastboot )
  • Then turn off your phone and enter fastboot mode by pressing and holding the power button and volumer – (bottom) together until it says fastboot
  • Then plug in the usb and connect it to your pc/laptop
  • Run at least adb fastboot
  • A display like CMD will appear then you just write it like below

fastboot devices (then press enter)

(wait for the process to finish) then write the following command

fastboot flash recovery.img (then press enter)

(wait, then type the command again below)

fastboot boot recovery.img (then enter)

  • If it’s finished, it will automatically go to twrp (indeed the reboot process is a bit long) if you can’t wait, you can press power + volume + (above) simultaneously to go to twrp
  • If you have entered twrp, friends, just swipe to the right allow modifications
  • Select the install menu then look for the lazyflasher zip file, then swipe to the right too confirm flash the lazyflasher file
  • When finished press the back button and select the reboot menu select recovery
  • Done

How to Install TWRP without a PC

Actually, I’m still in a dilemma, can I install TWRP without a PC? I would answer yes, but of course with the following terms and conditions:

  1. UBL
  2. Previously, my friend had to have installed twrp in the above way
  3. Then you can install other twrp like orangefox, redwolf or abishek without using a pc/laptop (the method is the same as when installing lazyflasher)

Right bro? It’s really a dilemma because if I answer I can’t it turns out I can, and if I answer I can but I also need a PC hehe. So a little information and my personal experience about the steps to install twrp for mido redmi note 4/4x may be useful. Thank you

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