How to Change Whatsapp Chat Wallpaper Background With Images From Gallery

How to change the whatsapp chat wallpaper background with an image from the gallery – Almost all smartphone users in Indonesia must have this social media application. Whatsapp is a chat application that is simple and easy to use.

I myself know the whatsapp application from the days of using nokia cellphones with symbian OS, in the past there were very few users because they were still unable to compete with mig33, you still remember mig33, right, friend? If you still remember your youth, be happy, friend

In this review I want to share a simple tutorial on how to change the wallpaper background, here’s how:

  • Select Option (3 dots in sequence downwards)
  • Select Display settings as shown above
  • Then select Chat
  • Choose Wallpaper
  • Select the image source you want to install
choice of the source of the gapunyakode wallpaper image
  • Select Gallery if friends want to curse pictures from the gallery
  • Then select the image
  • If the image has been selected, there will be a box like the image below
whatsapp wallpaper review gapunyakode
  • Click SET if it is appropriate, at this stage friends have succeeded in changing the whatsapp wallpaper
  • Back to Chat, the background wallpaper has been successfully changed

That’s a simple tutorial that I want to share with all of my friends, I hope it’s useful. Thank you

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