How to Check Telkomsel Credit Balance With Simple and Practical Dial

Check Telkomsel Credit – Good Evening Friend this time I will give a short tutorial on how to check the remaining credit that we have with a short dial code.

Many of us still don’t know this old trick, this trick is usually used to shorten the way to check Telkomsel credit balance.

without further ado, let’s check the tutorial on how to check the latest Telkomsel credit with a short dial code and just one click. here are the steps:

  1. open the Phone app
  2. please dial *888*4#
  3. if you have then now you will see the remaining credit balance that you have.

Well, that’s the latest short dial code and just one click can directly check our Telkomsel credit.

from dialing the pulse check, you will also get information such as:

  • Remaining Credit Balance
  • Total Credit Usage
  • Card Active Period or Your Telkomsel Card Grace Period

Keep in mind, that this short dial code to check Telkomsel credit, I have practiced myself and it still works 100%.

If you have problems, then make sure your Telkomsel network is not locked in 4G only.

Besides that, you can practice this simple dial to check the latest Telkomsel credit, even if it changes, please see the video explanation on how to get this dial code via the video below:

That’s a practical and simple dial code to check your Telkomsel credit easily and quickly. don’t forget to help subscribe to my youtube channel too Click here!! also watch my other videos.

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