How to Choose the Most Appropriate Marksman for Team Match Rank Mode

Welcome to Gapunyakode, friends, gamers, Gapunyakode, must have experienced an incident when selecting heroes, all teammates can choose heroes with all marksman roles.

This can happen several times as long as you play mobile legends, so don’t give up before competing, friend, because you won’t necessarily lose.

If in a match all of our marksman picks can’t do anything else, it’s likely that they felt bad in the previous game.

The effects of the previous match will carry over to the next match, whether you realize it or not, you will be carried away by the atmosphere if you play in a relay or continuously in several matches.

So that when the player in the previous match was sincere to give up not using a hero, but in the match the player who was given the trust did not contribute too much to the team and could even be a feeder, therefore in the next match the player who had been willing will no longer trust other players especially if you are a solo player.

It’s a different condition if you compete with friends, friend.

Furthermore, if in the grandmaster tier and below there is still a lot of fighting for heroes with role marksman.

According to Gapunyakode, it doesn’t matter if you want to use marksman two with a team meta record that must be met, such as a hero with a mage and tank role, while for a fighter or assassin it depends on the team’s needs because the character of a hero with this role can be an important key in the initial match.

draftpick modeIn choosing marksman in this mode, you have to be wise, friend, because the meta is now different from the past.

If we flashback to the era of Lesley’s heyday, then if the first choice would be a struggle for this marksman hero, for now according to Gapunyakode, it would be better if it was chosen at the end of the election.

Why ? Because every marksman hero has several weaknesses against other marksman.

Things that affect marksman. Some of the unique skills possessed by each mm hero will be one of the weaknesses for the opponent’s marksman.

For example: If by-one is between irithel and hanabi then for the whole hanabi will be weak against lesley’s skills because irithel’s basic attacks are more aggressive plus irithel’s 1 and 2 skills which slow down hanabi so the possibility of escaping will be very small even if it works then hanabi’s HP will decrease a lot.

Overcome the marksman choicemy friend should do the marksman selection as much as possible in the last choice so that my friend will know the marksman hero that is suitable to fight against the opponent’s marksman hero.

Like, if your opponent chooses irithel, you can choose the hero moskov or lesley, moskov can provide a counter-attack to the slow irithel effect with skill 2 that moskov has, while lesley will be more agile in the field with skill 1 which will increase movement speed and vagueness.

If you have already chosen Hanabi and faced Irithel, then you have to give up your attack speed by changing the Inspire Spell to Flicker Spell.

Actually, it can be tricked by buying items with attack speed effects but still not as aggressive if you use Inspire. However, this flicker will have the effect of avoiding the opponent so that the opportunity to survive becomes greater. In my personal opinion, Hanabi is not very powerful when using the flicker spell.

Best Hero Match 1 VS 1 Marksman Push Mid

  1. Hanabi. Good to use against Lyla, Lesley, Karrie, YSS, Miya, Clint. Not very effective against irithel, moskov
  2. Moscow. Good for fighting all marksman
  3. Lyla. Good for fighting Lesley

Those are some good heroes for mid, by maximizing hero skills we can find out whether or not they are effective against enemies.

Of course I gave the list on the grounds of the skills possessed by the hero and the results will be different, my friend does not really master the hero used because of course it will not be too flexible in the match. Even though there are still lots of reasons that should be considered, I hope you share your experiences in the comments column, friend. Thank you

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