How to Disburse Shopee Coins to OVO DANA GOPAY or Become Money

What are Shopee Coins?

Shopee coins are a currency that can only be used on the Shopee application, the value is equivalent to the amount of IDR. For example, if we have 5000 shopee coins, it is equivalent to 5000 rupiah, but this number of shopee coins only applies to the application, friend.

How to Use Shopee Coins?

We can use shopee coins for any shopping in the shopee application, including to pay bills such as Bpjs, electricity and others. You can even use shopee coins to buy credit for all operators.

In using shopee coins, unfortunately, it is limited by shopee, namely shopee coins can be used 1/4 of the actual payment amount. For example, the total amount paid for a product is 10,000, the maximum number of coins that we can use is 2500.

Of course, the more nominal that will be paid, the greater the nominal shopee coins that we will use. Like the picture above, the actual maximum value that can be used is more than 30 thousand.

It’s true that this shopee coin is actually very helpful for shopping, for those who know the right way to use it. Then how to get shopee coins? How to get it mostly from cashback.

For example, like the picture above, a total of 10 thousand shopee coins are obtained from the use of credit purchases.

Tricks & Tips How to Disburse Shopee Coins to OVO DANA GOPAY or become money

Because the actual function of this shopee coin is to shop specifically on the shopee application as explained above. So we have a trick, friend, here are the tricks I usually do.

  1. Promotion to friends to use our services to buy products. So that we can cash out some shopee coins. But if the nominal amount is bigger, the more shopee coins will be liquid.
  2. Look for gamers and offer top ups below the normal price, so they will surely be interested.
  3. Use it to pay bills, because the number of bills in general is quite a lot, so we also get a discount, so the amount we pay will be less.
  4. Barter system, we can do this system exchange between shopee payments with OVO, DANA or GOPAY balances. So other people pay us with other balances like ovo, fund, gopay or others.

Sometimes if we have too many shopee coins then we will be confused what to do with the coins. Well, with some of the tricks I wrote down, we can spend shopee coins quickly.

That’s a little information that I can share with friends Gapunyakode. Of course I hope this article is useful and provides a solution for all of you. Thank you

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