How to Edit the Latest User Interface Display Blogger Template

How to Edit the Latest User Interface Display Blogger Template

Friend blogger no code – Not long ago there was a ui update on the comments menu and visitor statistics. Besides that, it turns out that there are also changes to the appearance of the blogger template settings, now it is more comfortable to look at and easier to use.

Of course, I myself hope that there will also be changes to the appearance of the blogger profile. At least it’s changed a little bit not stiff it would be better, right, friend hehe.

Ok, let’s explore what just changed the template settings.

What is Blogger Theme?
The blogger theme is thousands of lines of code consisting of html, css, js and various other codes that serve to display the blog dish more dynamically and of course it is comfortable for visitors to see.

The theme itself has several terms that are often used by people, such as themes, templates. There are also free templates and some are paid, but you can also do custom blog templates or better known as redesign.

What’s New in Blogger’s UI Theme?
Like the picture above that we can customize our own blog template through the “customize” menu. In addition, other menus are combined, so that we can easily reach what we need.

Latest UI Blog Theme Menu
This menu can be found in the upper right corner next to the cutomize button.

  1. Backup – This menu now stands alone and its function is to copy our template codes in .xml form.
  2. Restore – This menu serves to install, replace templates from files on your computer device.
  3. Revert to Classic – This menu serves to restore the blog display to the classic menu.
  4. Edit Html – This menu serves to edit the display manually by writing codes.
  5. Mobile Settings – This menu serves to display the mobile version settings for the blog template.

On the “Edit Html” menu now we can see the results of the changes directly, you know, friend, so there is no need to check the blog address. This menu is very, very useful for us, friend hehe.

Mobile Settings – This menu does not appear for blogs that still use the default blogger template, for example: emporio porcelain. But it appears on a template that has been customized to be mobile friendly.


Changes in the user interface on the blog dashboard, especially on the theme menu, have made it easy for us to adjust the appearance of the blog. It’s simpler and easier to operate. Thus a brief review from me, thank you.

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