How to Fight Hero Over Power in Mobile Legends which is considered troublesome

In the mobile legends game, there are several heroes who have skills that are difficult to understand when we are dealing with these heroes, such as Zhask, Angela, Martis, Lancelot, Pharsa, Fanny, etc.

Well friends, this time I want to invite you, yes you, to get to know and overcome some heroes that are considered difficult to fight. Here’s a review that I will share

This martyr is a new fighter hero that has recently been updated to the local server, this martyr has skills that are quite troublesome

  1. The other skill has the ability to change the two swords into long jagged blades and when the two swords are elongated they will squeeze the heroes within the range of the skill radius, even some heroes who will do the ultimate can fail because of this Martis’ one skill.
  2. The second skill is an attack attak martis from close range with the art of sword dance, this skill is also quite inconvenient because it can give the effect of being pushed when the opponent’s hero is hit by this second skill even when the odete ultipun can fail because of the martis’ second skill.
  3. The third skill of the stab of the two swords leads to the opponent in two steps, the first step when activating the ulti skill to the three martis bodies is smoldering like zilong and will have more movement speed than usual this can be used for hit and run

If you fight against Martis, it’s best to avoid the other skill because it will give a slow movement effect so that it will provide an opportunity for Martis to give additional attacks.

Avoid crowding at one point when you are at war, especially if Martis has not been defeated because it will be very risky if we are crushed by Martis

Zhask mage no code

This zhask is indeed troublesome because it has a wide scope for its turret coverage area and again has a variety of skills.

  • Skill one is removing the turret to block and fight the opponent with a wide enough radius so that the zhask can keep his distance from his opponent
  • The second skill is to launch a laser-like attack at a glance that comes out of his wand
  • The third skill is removing mines that come out of his body which has the effect of slowing down the opponent’s movement
  • The fourth skill is to give the effect of changing the turret to be large and can change the position of the turret once again

To thwart the zhask’s ulti is to lead the zhask away from the turret for now that’s the only way.

Meanwhile, to overcome the zhask turret, we need to be agile to keep our distance from the attack radius of the zhask turret, which in essence we have to chase the zhask, don’t focus on the turret because for zhask itself the cellphone is also thin, while if we focus on the turret if the conditions are not good, zhask can also give attacks additional so that we will risk losing.

Choosing the right hero is very useful to fight zhask, like hilda who has the skill to run to catch up and give a shock effect to zhask

Fanny assassin doesn’t have a code

This Fanny is quite inconvenient if the pilot already has the ability and high flying hours, but if we fight this hero with the nickname fanny land, don’t worry. hehe

  • Fanny’s one skill is a tornado strike skill rotating with her two swords
  • The second skill is steel cable like in the anime attack on titan shingeki no kyojin people who can fly using cables that are almost the same style as spiderman like that’s the skill of two fanny
  • The third skill cut throat is almost similar to skill one and has quite a lot of damage

I’ve met against fanny using hilda, the user fanny I’m facing is quite tough because the appearance of moving Fanny is quite flexible and smooth and the most important thing is reading the next move that Fanny will do when we know where we have to move quickly to dodge and be patient to wait perfect time for counterattack

what we can do if we are impatient we can try playing hit and run. this is with our notes by one with fanny and avoid being close to the wall because the repetition of fanny’s attacks is quite inconvenient, friend.

That’s the review that I can share this time, if there is something you want to convey, I’m waiting for your comments in the comments column, thanks, friend

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