How to Improve Mobile Legends Playing Skills Push Ranked Hero

Having a mobile legends game account that already has many heroes with long ages but the ranked level tier is still stuck in the warrior – grandmaster tier, it is very questionable because if a gamer plays the game often, he will certainly be used to and understand the pattern of playing the game.

If all this time, friends are still stuck and up and down, it’s good for friends to read this article to the end and hopefully get the desired enlightenment.

In some cases every gamer has a purpose why I play the game. For example, some gamers do have a goal to have fun with a game so they don’t care about the purpose of the game itself.

Lata gamers are gamers who play along because their friends are playing a new game, this is not wrong because indeed a game can be famous by word of mouth.

Most often, gamers must have ambitions to be at the top, almost all gamers have this trait, but there are some problems that arise to achieve these ambitions, such as being stuck because their skills are not developed or caused by other factors.

This time I want to share basic information that players often ignore in a game that causes game accounts to not develop properly. Here’s what players need to know if stuck at that level – that’s all.

How to improve playing mobile legends push ranked skills

  • First, friends can test heroes and skills using AI mode there it will be easier for friends to get to know the arena and how best to develop hero skills. For testing new heroes, I highly recommend
  • Second, by having high flying hours, friends will understand better how to use the heroes they like. how to combine hero skills and important moments where friends have to attack or retreat
  • Third, friends, you have to learn several types of heroes such as mage fighter tank assassin support marksman, choose several types that you feel are capable because they will be very helpful in a match
  • Fourth, if the three factors above have fulfilled your friends’ meals when selecting a ranked hero mode, you have to adjust the team, why? Because if the role of the hero is not balanced, it will certainly harm the team. For example, if 3 mage 1 assassin 1 marksman if this role meets all five of them with the opponent it will be very difficult in terms of defending then there should be a tank that will receive an attack from the opponent
  • Fifth, friends must use the appropriate spell, gear, emblem if heroes with fighter type generally use furry or retrieval, don’t use heal because they don’t really give a useful effect
  • Sixth, learn to understand each player on a team where we fill each other’s positions if the line guard is defeated by the opponent or is being recalled. If one line turret is destroyed, it will certainly give the team an unfriendly emotional effect so that the player’s focus will be shaken
  • Seventh, if you can’t attack, just defend because stalling for time is one of the strategies to give your teammates a fast leveling and give a signal to members to help. Trust the team members if no one helps leave the turret and let it fall to pieces
  • Eighth, ignore the words of friends if the words are not good or curse keep moving on. Do good teamwork because no matter how strong we are, if we meet two or three opponents, we will almost certainly be defeated
  • Ninth, understand the movement of the enemy, see which line to push because just defending is not enough.
  • Tenth, use several skins that have additional effects so that they will add strength to the hero’s skills

The disease that often appears in a match is lust, lost control, and again this is very detrimental, therefore having the skill to resist lust will also help friends become champions.

That’s all the information I can share this time, if friends have additional suggestions, I’m waiting for your posts in the comments column. Thank you

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