How to Fill Up Smarfren Voucher Via SMS Dial MySmartfren Application

Well, what if suddenly our quota runs out? Of course my friend will look for or buy an internet package, right? Especially if you are doing activities that are using internet services, whether you are on a video call or working on something important.

Buying internet data vouchers is one solution, this type of internet package filling has been around for a long time. And we can get this voucher at the nearest pulse outlets or stalls.

This voucher will have a code that usually consists of 16 digits which is used to activate the internet package.

How to Fill Up Smarfren Voucher

1. Via Dial

  • Type dial code *999*16 digit voucher#
  • Then select call/yes

2. Via SMS

  • FILL (space) 16 digit voucher
  • Send to 999

3. Via MySmartfren

  • Open the mysmartfren app
  • Choose top up
  • Enter the 16-digit voucher code

If you have trouble or always fail to activate the package using dial or sms, try turning off the data mode first. If your smartphone already supports volte, you can activate this mode.

That’s the information I can convey, I hope it’s useful, friend.

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