How to Find a Shop for Free Shipping 0 Rupiah at the Latest Shopee

Because there is the latest policy from Shopee regarding the selection of shipping services, you should be able to read the latest article without the code below:

How to Change Shopee Delivery Service

It’s been a long time, my friend, I haven’t updated the article, now because it’s the end of the year, of course, there are some shops that offer special prices so that our pockets don’t swell. Eitss but even so there is still something that needs to be taken into account, namely shipping costs.

Until now, shipping costs are still a scourge for online shoppers to keep making orders or cancel their intentions.

Of course, for those of you who still remember Shopee in the early 2020s, every event has a 20,000 postage discount with a minimum spend of 0 rupiah, so we are really helped by that.

But over time the requirements began to change, either because it was time to change or because of some people pointing it out on social media. Of course, you still remember the incident, and after that the shopee rules changed completely.

But all of that is not entirely true because the only one who knows is shopee and God knows. But don’t worry, friend, because there are still many ways and roads to get to Rome.

Yes, this time I will share tips that many people may not realize and are certainly very helpful for friends who are just starting to shop online by getting shipping costs that are really 0 rupiah.

Not creating a new account, friend, if you create a new account, you will definitely get it. But this is the right way and does follow the normal way but still profitable for all of you.

How to get free shipping 0 Rupiah on Shopee

  • Friends, you can start by searching for items, such as 1 kg of sugar
  • Next, my friend, select the filter menu
  • Choose a location according to where you live
  • For example, I chose the location of Yogyakarta
  • At this stage, my friend, choose the item
  • Then scroll and look at the postage section, just tap it later, various options will appear.
  • At this stage, my friend selects and looks for a delivery service that has the potential to be cut out
  • Because the conditions that shopee makes for every event now are a minimum of 0 shopping and getting a 5 thousand discount
  • Then my friend can choose a delivery service that has a cost of 5000 and below. Is there any ? There’s a friend
  • Thus my friend will actually get 0 rupiah free shipping and will only pay the price of the goods.

With the new conditions, of course there are good and bad. It’s good for buyers that goods will be received quickly and for sellers it will certainly be good on the condition that buyers must begin to realize that looking for goods does not need to be far away.

Sometimes I myself am surprised that the price of the item that I have been looking for for a long time turns out to be in the location where I live and even the price is cheaper than others. So from now on, you have to start shopping at the location where you live.

That’s it, friend, a little information from me so that my friend becomes easier and easier to shop without thinking about shipping costs. Thank you

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