How to Get a Shopee Voucher for Free Shipping MIN Shopping 0 Rupiah

Almost every month Shopee always holds free shipping events with a minimum purchase of 0 rupiah. Eits at least what to buy, min. do you shop? Yes, whatever it is for me, the important thing is that the shipping is free, yes, it’s auto shopping, hehe.

What is Min. Shopping for 0 rupees?

Min Shopping 0 is a condition for using free shipping vouchers that we usually get from every event from shopee. But can we get the voucher if it’s outside the program day from Shopee? The answer is, Yes! But of course with terms and conditions.

3 Ways to Get Free Vouchers Postage Min. Shop 0 Rupiah

To get it is quite easy. In my opinion, while using the shopee application, there are 3 effective ways that we can do to get this voucher. Want to know how? Let’s discuss the following steps:

The first step – Keep in mind, friends, that every time you create a new account on shopee you will get a free shipping voucher and you can use it for shopping on the shopee application and can be used to buy anything as long as the store joins the free shipping program.

The second step – You have to take part in an event from Shopee, because at that event, you can claim a free shipping voucher with a minimum of zero rupiah shopping. Tips: claim all vouchers for free shipping. Because so far all vouchers will be converted to min. zero spend during the event. Maybe this is the reason why I still shop at shopee, the freong doesn’t bear much.

The third step – Diligently check the voucher menu, friend. Why ? Even though I didn’t create a new account, it turns out that I once got a free shipping voucher with a minimum of 0 rupiah for shopping on weekdays, not during the event.

I forgot what I was doing, bro, how come the voucher suddenly stuck, so I finally bought a waistbag for 99 rupiah, plus the voucher so I only paid 99 rupiah. It’s good

How to Use Shopee Free Shipping Vouchers

For how to use it is quite easy, friend, the first thing we need to do when we checkout is to use a voucher.

Actually, as long as you are in the shopping cart, you can use the voucher, but it’s better to use it when you are on the checkout page. Why ? because it will make it easier for us to see the total shopping and shipping costs. As follows

Now, after being on the checkout page, please enter the voucher column to determine which voucher to use, as shown below.

On the voucher page, you can use various types of vouchers, such as free shipping, discounts, cashback and others as long as the vouchers can be applied to your purchases. After selecting the voucher, then just select ok.

After successfully using the free shipping voucher for a minimum of zero shopping with a discount of 20 thousand, the total shopping value from 71 thousand to 51 thousand.

The last step, my friend, just make an order and continue with payment, for the payment method, you can adjust the T&C, because some vouchers are not valid when using a payment method other than shopeepay.

Actually, I also want to make a shopeepay charging service, of course the fee is cheap. If you want to try, please leave a comment. Later I will make a page for orders if my friend is interested.

Thank you, hopefully useful.

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