How to hide files or hide files or folders on Android without using an application

Tips for Hiding Files on Android – we are obliged to hide the confidential file so that it is not known by others. This data contains documents that are very important to us and should not be known by others. The documents in question are such as pdf files, word, photos, videos, sound recordings and many other types of files that we think are important and must be hidden.

Hiding files or folders on Android is very easy and not complicated. we don’t need the help of third-party applications, but if you want to hide it with an application, you can use the termux application or a file manager application that has a hidden file feature.

Let’s just give an example of how to hide files or folders easily without the help of an application. follow the tutorial below:

  1. Open File Manager You. here I use the file manager from the xiaomi because my cellphone is a xiaomi cellphone. but you can download filemanager from xiaomi on playstore even though your cellphone is not xiaomi. This file manager is easier to use than other file managers.
  2. Next Find the folder or file you want to hide. Then Rename the File or Folder by adding a dot symbol in front of the file or folder. look at the following picture
    How to hide files or hide files or folders on Android without using an application
    For example I want hide apk file what’s in the folder apk special. we just hide the folder, then the files in the folder will be hidden too. click and hold folder apk special then Choose Rename
    After that we will add a dot in front of the folder name. before right Special apk and after that we add so .only apk and Click Ok
  3. After you click ok then all files in the special apk folder will be hidden.

How to see the hidden file earlier? it’s very easy and simple. The way to look back at the files that we hid earlier is to follow the instructions below;

  1. Open the File Manager and click the button in the upper left corner
  2. Then Select Settings
  3. Next we will activate the Show Hidden Files feature
  4. After that you can see the folder that we hid at the top.
    If you want to return it to the way it was, you can rename it again by deleting the dot symbol and clicking ok.

How Easy Isn’t It? actually you can do this on your android without having to follow this tutorial, you just need to add a dot symbol in front of the name of the file you want to hide by renaming it.

So that’s how to hide files or folders on android and how to see hidden files or folders. Parents who want to monitor their children must also know this method, so that when we check our child’s cellphone, we can easily find out what files are hidden by him. let parents also not clueless. Currently, many children store obscene files that can damage their mindset, so parents must also be vigilant in supervising their children if they don’t want to fall into bad things.

So much information this time, hopefully this tutorial can be useful for all of us. don’t forget to help Share and give suggestions for the progress of this blog, so that I can write things that are even more useful for many people. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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