How To Install Android APK Manually On Our Smartphone

Tutorial to install the application manually on android

Those of you who are used to downloading applications on the Playstore may rarely know how to install applications manually on Android. Android and Windows applications have different extensions or formats. on Android the extension is .APK and on Windows it’s usually .EXE. how to install apk on android is very easy, I’m sure most of you already have one who can install it yourself.

if you download it on the playstore then the application will be installed automatically, whereas if you go through manually you must first download the apk file. for example, you want to install the psiphone pro apk application that you have downloaded on google or the opera mini application, then you just click on the apk application and wait until the installation process is complete.

but there are several features that you must activate first before manually installing the apk file. this feature is Unknow Sources. how to activate it is

  1. Open Settings>Additional Settings>Privacy and slide the button next to the unknown sources.
    Turn on the unknown sources feature

Furthermore, if you have activated the features I mentioned above, then we will install the downloaded apk file. for example I will install the screenrecorder application that I downloaded on google, follow the steps below

  1. open the download folder in the file manager (open the apk file where you downloaded or saved it)
  2. After that click on the apk file and click install
  3. Wait until the installation process is complete, then click done
    This is how to install or install apk files on our android
    How to install apk file on android

If so, the application has been successfully installed. but if it fails, usually the application is not compatible or does not support our device. even though it was successfully installed, if it doesn’t support it, the application will force close. if it runs normally but the application bounces when it is opened, try checking the permissions or adding the required permissions to the application.

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