How to lighten Bluestacks so as not to slow down the latest version of heavy lag

Choosing the best android emulator for our computer / laptop must be right, because not necessarily what we hear, read, see is true. For example, emulator A runs smoothly on computer A, it may not run smoothly on computer B.

Lately I’ve been back to downloading an android emulator for pc, namely bluestacks. Just for fun, friends, make articles. I downloaded bluestacks ver There are a lot of numbers written like that, if at the opening it says Bluestacks 4.

After installing the Android emulator, of course, you want the best performance, right, friend, you want it to be a lightweight emulator, not slow, lag or stuck. Well actually the easiest is to have a computer that meets the minimum requirements for bluestacks.

Minimum requirements The most important thing is that you must have a computer with a minimum of 2GB of RAM. And the other requirements are vga, disk, OS etc. For 2GB RAM, using Bluestacks 3 is also light, friend.

How To Make Bluestacks Not Lag Heavy

  • First, don’t change the “ENGINE” and “DISPLAY” settings.
  • Changing the size of the display to portrait or the size of a cellphone screen will make bluestack performance even harder. (I have practiced, friend) then how about the size of a cellphone?
  • To make a bluestack screen the size of a cellphone, you just need to rotate it. This is lighter than permanently resizing the screen. For example.
  • Example of menu rotation on bluestacks as shown above.
  • Meanwhile, changing the settings on the “ENGINE” menu in my opinion is only optional. Because the default choice in my opinion is in accordance with the device I have.
  • But if you want to try, please try to change Performance to 1cpu core 1024 memory.
  • Frame rate setting 60
  • DPI setting 160
  • Graphics mode Open GL

If on my pc. Settings as above are good, you can open firefox and chrome at the same time. I used to use a laptop with 2GB of RAM and it felt like it was useless for moving games. But smooth for games that stay like Monster Warlord.


The most affecting whether or not an android emulator is slow is the specifications of the computer or laptop itself. So if you want to install then we can adjust the software version so that it is compatible with our device.

However, we can still adjust the performance of the Android emulator at the lowest level so that we try not to be so heavy in use.

Hopefully it can help friends who are experiencing problems like the one above, if you have any questions, you can leave a comment below. Thank you

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