How to open Blocked Sites on Positive Internet Affected Computers easily

Blocking several sites in our beloved country is really good and I agree with that, because there are restrictions on access to sites that are not appropriate for their age.

But in my opinion, everything in cyberspace is not entirely true and not completely wrong, we should be wiser to trust information whether it is true or false.

By seeking information from various valid sources, we can make a decision whether the information is true or not.

Remember, friends, when we access a site and we are redirected to a positive internet then we are really given information that the site we are going to access is a site that is less positive and is prohibited.

Here’s how to easily open a blocked site on a computer exposed to positive internet:

  • Open the site using a web proxy

This web proxy is a web that provides a feature to open a site with several choices of proxy locations, we can choose a proxy with a location in the USA, the Netherlands, Germany. etc.

Now there are many websites like that, so we don’t have to bother looking for them, all we have to do is type the keyword in the search engine “web proxy” or it could be “free web proxy”, of course there will be many choices that the search engine will give you, friends, stay Enter the site url and press enter.

  • Open the site using firefox anonymox’s addon

I highly recommend this method, friend, it’s very easy and simple. If you are using the Firefox browser and want to open a blocked site, the first thing you need to do is download the Anonymox extension.

  1. Click the firefox menu
  2. Select add-on
  3. Choose extension
  4. Write anonymox in the search field
  5. download

When finished, return to the add-ons menu, if the anonyox extension status is still off, then activate the extension. When it is active, an X-shaped icon will appear in the top bar to the right of the dean with the main firefox browser menu, click on that section and a menu will appear as below:

The image above the title of this article is the anonymox status when opening the site. We can also change multiple proxy locations.

This is a review of how to easily open a blocked site on a computer exposed to positive internet. Hopefully it can help friends in finding an information . Thank you

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