How to Overcome Android Cellphones So It's Not Slow When Used to Play Games

Have you ever experienced a smartphone that feels very heavy when used? If so, you must be very uncomfortable when operating your android phone

This time I want to invite all of you to review about how to deal with Android phones so that they are not slow when used, especially when used to play games.

Why special? Because of the cases that I often experience, my Android phone will feel slow if it is used to play games while for browsing and chat (social media) it is still smooth.

When an android phone feels heavy or sluggish when used, it is usually accompanied by the characteristics of a hot cellphone temperature, this can occur due to several factors, one of which is a system that works hard if we can imagine 100% CPU usage.

This is if we leave it for too long without taking action to solve the problem, it will result in a bootloop or it could be that the Android phone will die and cannot be turned back on.

Before the things that we don’t want happen, it’s a good idea to overcome and maintain the health of our Android phones. Here’s how we need to do if the android phone feels slow:

  1. Delete cache, tap settings on your android, scroll down then select storage then tap cached data then delete cached.
  2. Stop/remove unnecessary android apps. Tap settings scroll down then tap Apps then check running on the running option will display running applications and the status of used and free ram. In this menu, friends, please check which applications will be stopped so that it will increase the capacity of free-to-use ram, of course the more free-to-use ram, your android phone will feel lighter and faster when used.
  3. Delete applications that are on a multitasking system. tap and hold on the option button on your device then delete all existing applications.
  4. Manage applications, delete applications that are not needed, especially for applications that have a large size. According to my experience using a free memory will help so that the android phone is not slow when playing games.
  5. If you play game settings and select the display quality in the low position. This will lighten the work of the android phone and will speed up some of the game applications that we use
  6. If your android phone has been used for a long time, do a factory reset but first backup data that you think is important.
  7. Use applications to speed up our Android phones such as CCleaner which helps us manage unnecessary data that is on our Android phones. When we delete data that is not needed, it will increase memory which is relieved so that it will help to speed up our android phone
  8. If there is no change, it’s likely that it’s time for you to replace your Android phone with a new one. Choose an android phone that has RAM and internal memory that is relieved because if you are a gamer, it will certainly make it more comfortable.

That’s the information that I can share, hopefully it will be useful for you. Thank you

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