How to Overcome the Canon E400 Printer, Flashing Lights When Ink is Low

How to solve the Canon E400 printer, the light flashes when the ink is low – Recently I experienced a state of not being able to print / print because on my computer there was a written description that the ink state was low so I couldn’t continue to print / print.

The status of the canon e400 printer that I have has changed cartridges with the type PG-47 twice, yes the position of the ink that often runs out is black ink, this PG-47 cartridge can be used on canon printers with the type canon e400, canon e460 and canon e480.

When the printer ink runs out, I don’t immediately replace it with a new cartridge because the cartridge is still in good condition when printing the lines are still in optimal condition, which is still straight and not broken, so I fill the ink so that I can print normally again (my hope).

But if I have a more definite budget I will buy a new cartridge because the price of a new cartridge is only around Rp. 135000 to Rp. 150000, the price for a black cartridge.

Refilling the ink is actually only an alternative, because according to the previous ones, when I refilled the ink 2-3 times, the printouts would not be optimal anymore, such as broken prints, even the ink was uneven.

After refilling the ink is complete, there are several problems that I experienced, as follows:

  • A description appears on the computer screen that the black ink condition is low
  • Cannot print or print
  • the indicator light on the canon printer flashes several times

At that time I took the initiative to reset the printer, but I did not use the software but used manual steps by using the buttons on the printer.

How to reset canon printer without software

  • First turn off the printer but do not unplug the power (electricity)
  • both friends, press the STOP button, don’t let go, then press the power button to turn on the printer then release the STOP button and press the STOP button five (5) times when pressing the 5th time friends also release the Stop button and the button together Power
  • If there is no STOP button, you can press the Resume button
  • Third, leave it for a moment then turn off the printer, let it rest for a moment then turn it back on
  • The four friends can do deep cleaning
  • Done, you can reprint your document

If the blinking light is still on and on the desktop a warning still appears

  • The printer is on and flashing
  • Press stop and color button for about 5 seconds
  • Wait until the desktop description indicates that the printer is ready to use
  • Even though our printer is still flashing, we can still print

That’s the review that I share with friends, hopefully it can be useful, Thank you

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