How to Overcome the Daily Limit of Shopee Free Shipping Vouchers

Online shopping, if there is free shipping, it will be auto shopping, right, friend? Now, talking about the free shipping code / voucher in every marketplace, there is a limit for each account. So shopping wisely is something we must do.

What happens if the free shipping voucher becomes unlimited?

If you learn from the national shopping day event that has occurred, the enthusiasm of online shoppers has increased. This I conclude from my experience when participating in flash sales, some products sell out in just seconds.

That’s just a free shipping voucher, which is limited in number, I can’t imagine if the unlimited pockets can leak at times.

In addition, it certainly has an impact on delivery services, such as: overload of goods so that the delivery process experiences a slight delay. So friends who feel the process is a bit long, please be patient.

The overload that occurs will require the courier or delivery service to work more than usual days. Let’s give an applause to the Delivery Service, especially the tireless courier.

What are Limit Vouchers?

According to Gapunyakode, the voucher limit is the limit on the use of a voucher, be it daily, weekly and other limits. Even though the voucher is still there when we are hit by the voucher limit, it cannot be used for transactions.

This limit is the policy of each marketplace to determine how many free shipping vouchers can be used for each account within a certain time.

Voucher Terms and Conditions are rules set by the marketplace and they have the right to regulate this. Then how can we use it again?

How to Overcome the Daily Limit of Free Shipping Vouchers

If you experience a shopee voucher that can’t be used, don’t panic because each voucher has certain conditions. But if you see a notification “You have reached your daily or weekly limit and others.

So the solution is that you only need to spend a day, that is, the voucher can be used again after 12 o’clock at night. If it’s just a daily limit, bro, if it’s a week, you have to go through a new week to use it again.

So a little information about shopping procedures at shopee that might help explain the limit voucher. Thank you

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