How to Overcome HP Fast Heat When Playing Mobile Legends Games

It is natural that the temperature of the android phone heats up quickly when used to play games, be it offline games or online games.

Why does it get hot so fast? The most common reason is because when your smartphone is used to play games, almost all the components of the cellphone work so that after a few minutes these components will have the effect of increasing the temperature on your cellphone.

When the temperature of your cellphone rises, it will certainly give you a sense of discomfort when you bake, plus the smartphone’s performance is getting less and less like a lag game, the screen is not too pleasant to the touch, and for sure the battery will run out quickly.

Therefore, if we continue these activities regularly for the long term, it will shorten the life of the battery and android smartphone. This time I want to share tips for friends who don’t have the code

10 Tips for Overcoming Android Phones that Get Hot Fast When Playing Games

  1. When you want to play games, choose a cool (not hot) place.. Because the air temperature around you indirectly has an influence when you play games for a relatively long time.
  2. Reduce the use of accessories such as cases, hard cases and others when playing games. Temporarily remove the accessories so that the heat is not restrained, because we do not know whether the materials we use as accessories on your android can be a good conductor of heat.
  3. Using wifi as an internet connection point. This will certainly make the performance of your cellphone not too heavy, because if we use a cellular data card, the cellphone will work to keep the network stable if the signal is bad or unstable it will cause the temperature to heat up quickly.
  4. Adjust screen brightness. Adjust the screen brightness and try to keep it at a low level but still feel good when playing, definitely don’t turn it ON on auto brightness.
  5. Restrict apps running in the background. Disable unnecessary applications when playing games if necessary delete some applications that you rarely use.
  6. Game settings in low position. Believe me, it’s comfortable to use high performance, but if you love your cellphone, don’t be too forced to play in a high performance position because it will give a heavy load so that the heat will be felt very quickly. Of course, it will reduce the life of the components because you work too hard every time you play a game.
  7. Reduce playing games with the cellphone being charged. In general, the position of the cellphone when it is being charged, the temperature will increase, especially in the battery, if we use heavy activities, the temperature will definitely be high, friend.
  8. Custom rom and kernel. This can be an alternative for friends whose androids are already used to being tweaked, choosing a custom rom and kernel will be an important key if you want to play games. (I don’t recommend it for those who are not used to it because if you are careful you can bootloop, friend hehe)
  9. Factory reset. If you have done a major (massive) rom update, the wise step is to do a factory reset so that the previous bugs can be eliminated.
  10. Reset smartphone. After a factory reset, you need to reset some applications. Such as setting game graphics and others.

In addition to the 8 tips above, you can add applications that function to help keep the temperature in a position that is not too hot.

But I myself don’t really feel the effects that occur when using the application, maybe on my cellphone I don’t feel it but maybe it will have a significant effect if your cellphone tries the application. if you want to install a cooling application, you can visit the playstore, there are many types of applications from free to paid.


If we want our cellphones to live long, then it’s best not to force the performance of the cellphone to be heavy for a long time.

Because it is very unfortunate if suddenly the cellphone turns itself off and bootsloop or can’t turn on again. So a few tips from me, hopefully useful for friends, Gapunyakode. Thank you

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