How to Overcome Mobile Legends Account Banned (unban) for Certain Reasons

Lately I met some friends who experienced mobile legends accounts being banned, actually this kind of thing is not new because this kind of thing has been around for a long time. My friend also had this experience, it turns out that he used a system customization in the mobile legends apk.

It’s a natural thing, because the higher the popularity of a game, there’s bound to be something that will happen.

Like recently, the latest is a skin script that will give skin ownership for free without having to buy it, so how come? yes it is possible yes of course this is the work of a very creative person hhe.

But remember, friend, the act of adding such scripts is an illegal form, especially since the game we play is an online game that every time we want to play it will be directly connected to the server, if the type of security detects something odd, it will definitely be caught and the decision that awaits my friend is the possibility of an account. which will be banned later.

Besides that, as far as I know, there is another radar or drone script that will help and make it easier for my friend to see the opponent’s target, very helpful, isn’t it, hehe.

I’ve also seen on youtube where the display of the hero skill effect has multiplied, for example, the saber skill, the only shuriken being released is a lot as well as the range if you look at it, it’s cool, friend, hhe.

If you still want to try and take that risk, then I suggest not to use the main account but just use a trial account because it’s a shame if things that don’t wear are experienced by the main account. So, to avoid and overcome this, I will describe it below.

How to Overcome Mobile Legends Account Ban

  1. Avoid customizing the mobile legends application, whether it’s a script type or adding files to the apk.
  2. Do not fill diamonds in an unofficial way, because it will have the same potential, namely in tires.
  3. Play fair play, don’t do things that are prohibited by games like afk and say disrespectful things because the more friends behave negatively, the more players will report your account

If the mobile legends account is already banned, then do the following steps:

  1. Delete the application cache if necessary, delete the data along with the installed application, then download the application again. After that, enter a new account and you can play again but with your new account. If you want to restore an account that has been banned, do the second point below.
  2. Contact customer service can send email to [email protected] or on the game homepage, click on the image of a person wearing headphones or next to your avatar. Because you don’t log in, just use your new account then report your account and explain it to the mobile legends. Because we don’t know the admin who receives it can speak Indonesian or not, my friend uses English only.
  3. The last thing is to wait for the ban period to expire if the account has not been permanently banned.

Customization is fun, but there are also risks involved. That’s a little information that I can convey, hopefully it can help my friend, Thank you

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