How to Overcome Ordered Items Not Received When Shopping Online

Problems such as ordered items that have arrived late or have not been received are common problems when you shop online. In fact, all it takes is patience.

But if you’ve been waiting too long but it hasn’t arrived yet, then you need to do things as I will summarize below.

Not a few problems occurred in the shipping process, from tracking status which was slow in updating. Eh, yes, but for example there is an event, sometimes it’s slow to update, friend, I’ve actually experienced it often and the goods still arrive.

But there are also those whose order status has been received but the goods have not yet arrived at our house. Well, if a problem like this really makes you nervous. I will also discuss problems like this below, ok, let’s start, friend.

Overcoming Ordered Items Not Received When Shopping Online

  • If Shopping From Overseas

So you have to be patient because the process does take more time than usual. Like my previous article that as long as the item has been sent, we will receive it.

  • If the order has passed the estimate received

If the ordered item has not been shipped or is still in the process of being shipped, you can contact the seller to ensure that the item will be shipped. After getting an answer that the goods will be sent then leave it alone because the process may take a while.

  • Extend Shopee Warranty

Especially for the shopee application, friend. Buddy must be diligent in checking orders about the shopee warranty period because if the warranty period ends and there is a problem with the order we cannot apply for cancellation or refund.

  • If the delivery status has been received but no order has arrived.

So the step you need to do is contact the seller and if you don’t get a response from the seller, you can contact the marketplace to find out the actual order status.

Please provide real information, I myself have experienced that I almost wrote an article but it was a bit unethical, and the item arrived a few hours after I reported it to CS, so I canceled it hehe.

It makes me nervous, in my opinion, the main thing is that the goods must arrive at home, they can’t be left, such as to neighbors, RT, or others. If you leave it, you’ll give up shopping if it’s me, friend, when you buy a refrigerator, it’s sent to the RT, not to the recipient’s house, so when you ask to pick it up yourself, it’s better to be close, but if it’s far, how do you try, right?

A good delivery service never leaves ordered goods to other people, even if they are neighbors, at least they must arrive at the recipient’s house directly. Therefore communication is important between the courier and the recipient.

It is clear that the marketplace has a close relationship with the delivery process, even though the goods are good but the delivery process is not good, so consumers will run away to the next marketplace.

  • Can’t Cancel Order Even though Seller Has Provided Info

A while ago I was shopping at a marketplace, initially the seller said ok, but after a few days I chatted again and it turned out that the ordered item was out of stock or out of stock. So the goods will not be sent he said.

Annoying, friend, don’t you have a code? Finally, I contacted CS and I gave all the information I had, such as the SS chat from the seller that the item would not be sent on the grounds that the stock was out of stock.

So I decided to cancel the order. Unfortunately, canceling this order is not as easy as I thought, so the refund for the purchase is still on hold, I swear I will give up shopping there, friend.

After a few days, finally an email came in that I was asked to wait until the end of the month, so the waiting period for the cancellation process was approximately one month. This is “Another Deep, Different Grasshopper”.

Even though the status is still in process, the seller has provided information that the item is out of stock, so if the item arrives later, thank you, if not, I’ve been waiting for a refund for a very long time, friend.

That’s all from me, if you have the same problem, let’s discuss it in the comments column, I’m waiting, friend. Thank you

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