How to Overcome SD Card Write Protected on Android

Understand How to Solve SD Card Write Protected on Android

How to Overcome SD Card Write Protected on Android

SD Card or memory card certainly can not be separated from the name of the gadget, be it a smartphone or camera though. When the SD Card that you have appears write protected, then don’t panic, because this discussion we will discuss how to solve a write protected SD Card on Android.

SD Card or memory card itself is a storage medium that you can use on every gadget you have. This one storage media is certainly very helpful, because sometimes the smartphone that we have internal storage is still quite lacking.

In the market itself there are many memory cards that we can choose from various manufacturers, to the storage capacity you want. Starting from local manufacturers to memory cards with a capacity of 1 Tera you can have easily.

But sometimes the SD Card that we have has some problems, either because of the age of use or the way it is used is not right. Of course, a damaged SD Card will be very annoying, both because the data we have is lost or the gadgets we have cannot operate optimally without the memory card.

Method Overcome SD Card Write Protected

on Android

One of the errors or errors that users often experience is the SD Card which suddenly pops up an SD Card Write Protected Android notification message. The message indicates that the memory card that you have cannot be used to store data, but can still be used to read the files on it.

In memory itself there are two functions, namely read and write. For the read function, it means reading or in the sense that you can open or copy data from the memory card. Write or write that is useful when you want to save, or edit a data stored on the SD Card.

When the message appears, don’t panic first and rush to buy a new SD Card. There are several ways to solve SD Card Write Protected on Android that you can use to solve this problem.

· 1. Lock feature on SD card

The memory card or SD card itself has a feature or lock button on the side of the memory card itself. As the name implies, this one feature is used to lock your SD Card so that it cannot use the write function.

The fix is ​​quite easy, first take your memory card and then look at the right and left sides. If you find a small button then turn it or slide it in the opposite direction, so you have unlocked the Android micro SD card.

· 2. Format Using Android Smartphone

An SD card that does not have a physical button to lock the lock feature, the way to fix it is to format the memory card. First you insert the SD Card into the smartphone, then find or open the file manager.

Press on the memory card menu until a message appears to format, and wait for the process to complete. As the name implies, when we format, all data on the memory card will be lost, so it’s better for you to backup the data first.

· 3. Warranty Claim

When you have tried all of the above methods, but they don’t work, the next option is to try to claim a warranty. Most SD Card manufacturers certainly provide a guarantee for each buyer, you can try this method.

Those are some tips that you might be able to try for how to solve SD Card Write Protected on Android, try them first before you decide to buy a new SD Card.

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