How to Overcome Valuable Inventory Scrapt Content When Submitting Our Blog Registration To Adsense

Scrapted Content Problems on Blogs – Have you ever experienced when registering our blog to Google Adsense but was rejected with the reason that our content was considered a duplicate or AGC result, even if it was a copy paste article. How to handle it?

My blog is affected by Valuable Inventory Scrapt Content when submitting our Blog Registration to Adsense
My blog is affected by Valuable Inventory Scrapt Content when submitting our Blog Registration to Adsense

This time I will discuss a little of my experience regarding the Rejection of Scrapted Content on our web or blog. What steps should we take if we get a Scrapted Content disapproval? I’ll check in a moment, how many times have I been rejected by Google because of Scrapted Content. Try to see the screenshot of the image below

How to Overcome Scrapt Content When Submitting Our Blog Registration To Adsense
Rejection Emails with Scrapted Content and Under Construction

So many rejection emails that I receive from google adsense and this makes me frustrated and almost want to give up. The third rejection email, I have checked my entire article and then I resubmitted and it was rejected again. The check that I have done is to check for plagiarism on smallseotools and all the articles I write have a 100% uniqueness rate and no plagiarism is detected at all. But why can Scrapted Content be detected?

Keep trying and keep the spirit of writing by changing the style of writing then I re-submit and as a result I was rejected again. rejected again, I submitted again by following the tips on the forums but the results were still rejected. to be honest I felt weak and almost completely gave up. Until finally I tried to check using Copyscape because I was still curious. and finally my article was rejected on the grounds of under construction. I feel happy because the reason for the rejection has changed, not scrapted content anymore but changed to Under Construction.

It turned out that the Scrapted Content detected on my blog was because the use of the title with the opening word was detected the same and had to be changed. besides that there are several sentences that are considered duplicates because they are often used in writing our previous articles. try to just scan your website on the copyscape or siteliner website. Later you will get some information about your blog, one of which is information about duplicate content which can be interpreted as scarpted content.

How to Overcome Scrapt Content When Submitting Our Blog Registration To Adsense
Level of Duplicate Content Detected by

Next, change some of the sentences that are considered to contain duplicates with the writing in our previous article. For example, you can see in the image below

How to Overcome Scrapt Content When Submitting Our Blog Registration To Adsense
Some links from our articles will be detected that contain duplicate content

From the image above, you will see a list of detected links containing duplicate content. change or edit the article link that is displayed there on your blog. First click the link that is considered to contain duplicate content which is detected by, then match it with related articles on our blog. change the sentence containing the duplicate and then republish it. remember that the edit is only in the article section, not the category or label section that is detected there. do the same thing on article links that are detected to contain scrapted content.

So far, my experience is over with rejection due to scrapted content. Next I was faced with the Under Construction refusal Problem. For the story of the under construction problem, maybe I will discuss it in the next article.

If our article is purely the result of our thoughts and typing without copying and pasting other people’s articles or not rewriting, I am sure that with your efforts and never give up, you will definitely be accepted by Adsense. but we should not be silent, make changes and look for information about errors detected on our web or blog. the agc blog clearly violates the policies of adsense so if you play agc blog then it is very small to be accepted by adsense. Play honestly and make writing a hobby, as well as share our knowledge and experiences.

My struggle is still ongoing, at this time I am struggling with the problem of rejecting adsense, namely the problem of under construction. pray for me to be approved quickly and be able to rewrite my experience regarding this under construction problem.

Another Update in 2022, My Blog Finally Successfully Upgraded to Non Hosted after going through a period of under construction and Value Inventory Scrapted Content. This time I add more information about How to Overcome Scrapted Content that I managed to pass. I forgot to add this information at the top and now I just remembered so I updated and added it in 2022. I hope it can be useful for all of you.

how to deal with Scrapted Content this time is for you to check back on your webmaster tools section. and select HTML Improvement, then check the duplicate.

Please check your own, if you are experiencing the same problems as me, then you can try the tips that I provide below later.

After you check your webmaster tools, please look at the section in the image. fix what appears there but not all of it. for example there is a duplicate url then you fix the duplicate url. for example like mine in the picture below

A duplicate url appears because when it is opened on a mobile the code m = 1 appears in the url section, and this is considered a duplicate by the google bot.

You can try this m=1 duplicate code by following my previous tutorial. please open it via the link here!! By installing this script, it is hoped that you can help eliminate the m=1 code that appears when accessed on our Android mobile page. after that try to resubmit and I have proven it through my blog. the following is proof that I have successfully upgraded to non-hosted

Upgrading with a direct list has a different level of difficulty, if you register directly with a tld domain it’s easier to approve it compared to an upgrade. so it’s better for you to register directly with the tld domain that you have.

Don’t forget to pray too, guys, so that our fortune will be facilitated and launched. Hopefully the scrapted content problem that you are experiencing can be resolved soon and can be approved by Google Adsense.

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