How to prevent Google Play Store from updating apps automatically

Turning Off Auto Update Applications In PlayStore – Updating an application is indeed needed to get a new feature of the application. In addition to getting the latest features, there is a possibility that an update is needed to close a bug or crash in the application.

But there are times when we are annoyed when an application that we don’t want to update automatically can slow down our internet connection and waste quota even though we don’t need to update the application.

besides that if you are using an old school android phone with small storage then if all the applications installed on your android update automatically then there is a possibility that you will get a notification that the storage on your cellphone does not have enough space anymore.

This is what gets us in trouble, our cellphones will be a little slow and our quota will be slightly reduced. To overcome this problem, it’s a good idea to control every application update on our Android by disabling the auto update feature in our Play Store.

How To Turn Off Automatic App Updates On Google Playstore

You can try the steps to turn off or disable this auto update in the following way:

  1. Open playstore on your android
  2. Then choose the menu settings > Auto-updates app > Select Don’t auto-update apps and click done

    How to turn off or disable Auto Update apps on the Play Store on our Android

In addition to the methods above, you can also choose which applications you don’t want to update automatically. You can choose specifically to set the application so that it does not update automatically. Follow the steps below to specifically disable apps that you don’t want to enable auto updates for.

  1. Open playstore on your android
  2. Look for applications that do not want to be updated automatically, for example, here I give an example of Youtube
  3. Then you click YouTube and click the three dots in the upper right corner, then uncheck the enable auto update. look at the picture below

    How to Disable Automatic App Updates on Google Playstore

Actually, every time there is an application update, we don’t have to update it, because there are only certain applications that must be updated. besides that updating can also make the application heavier if our cellphone specifications are small.

How easy is it not to disable the auto update of the android application?

now you don’t have to worry about missing out on your internet quota, a little advice from me is to update applications that really need to be updated to get more performance.

Now for the video version of the tutorial, you can see it via the link below:

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