How to reduce fat side belly without having to leave the house

Welcome friend, Gapunyakode – Several dozen articles that I have written on this blog mostly contain technology, internet, games, social media, web design and so on.

If we look at it in terms of activities, everything I write is mostly done in a lying or sitting position.

If we do this position for a long time and even do it every day for several years, it will definitely have a bad effect on our bodies.

The effects that we can feel immediately are weight gain, a bulging stomach, and chubby cheeks.

These effects can be quickly felt if we do not add exercise in our daily activities, exercise is the most important activity when we do too many activities that position our bodies always sitting.

The sagging and fatty side abdomen is the result of a lack of exercise, a sitting position that is too relaxed. Here are some tips for friends who have a sagging and fatty side stomach.

Doing Cardio Exercise

Doing this cardio exercise, we don’t need to leave the house, you can do cardio in one of the rooms in your house.

This sport is characterized by training the muscles and burning fat, my friend can choose some movements that focus on training the abdominal muscles such as squat punches, namely movements with the legs slightly opened as wide as each of our bodies then position our bodies half squat and push the body upwards while the movement of the hand punching up and then down again punching down. If you want it to be heavier, add a barbell in your hand while doing this

Sitting in an Upright Position

The way we sit in our daily activities will affect our posture. Without realizing it, people who don’t know how important the correct sitting position can affect body shape will definitely ignore and sit as comfortably as possible.

By positioning us to sit upright and correct it will indirectly help reduce fat and will help to shrink the stomach.

If you don’t believe it, you can try to do it and I’m sure your body will release sweat in the next few minutes.

The trick: sitting on a chair, it’s better a chair that doesn’t have thick foam to make it easier to position the body more firmly, then position your feet on the floor then raise your body and focus on your stomach, most importantly don’t forget to breathe during this activity.

Choosing a Low Fat Food Menu

Saturated fat in some foods, such as processed meat, especially meat that has a lot of fat, will increase the potential for weight gain. Replacing these foods with other foods such as fish will help you succeed in getting a slim stomach.

Consuming vegetables and fruits every day is also very good for the body. If you go on a diet, you should reduce eating heavy food at night, but when you feel hungry at night, fruit can be the most appropriate choice to block your stomach. Next is to have a good sleep time, you can feel quality sleep when your body does exercise and make sure how long you sleep, make sure you get enough sleep.

I personally only do this activity to lose weight, in almost 1.5 months I did that activity and I lost 9 kilograms. Maybe not too fast but I myself believe in the process because when we are patient and stay focused on what is being done then slowly but surely we will reach the goal.

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