How to top up or just fill in the link balance

How to Topup or Fill in Link Balance via BNI ATM and Mobile Banking – How to topup a link account can indeed be done in many ways. This time I will give you 2 ways to top up your Link balance, namely via ATM BNI and Via BNI Mobile Banking.

Just how to top up the link via ATM BNI

For how to top up the BNI ATM link, you can follow the following instructions:

1. Insert BNI ATM card

2. Choose Indonesian

3. Enter BNI ATM card PIN

4. Select ‘Other Menu’

5. Select ‘Electronic Money’

6. Select ‘LinkAja’

7. Enter the mobile number registered with LinkAja

8. Enter the nominal amount you want to top up

9. Transaction confirmation

just wait for the balance to enter your link account.

How to Top Up the Link Via Mobile Banking BNI

It is very easy to top up your Link AJA balance on the BNI Mobile Banking application. This is because the BNI mobile banking application provides the Topup Link Only feature on the BNI Mobile application.

For those of you, you don’t have to worry, the important thing is that you have a balance in your BNI Mobile account, you can top up immediately in the following way:

  1. Login to your BNI Mobile Banking Account
  2. Select Purchase Menu
  3. Just choose the link
  4. Enter the required data such as the nominal balance you want to fill in
  5. Enter your cellphone number, just link
  6. Then Do a Topup

The above method can be practiced by friends at their respective homes, and if you feel confused and curious to try to see the video version, you can see the following:

From the video above, you can see how to topup the link easily and quickly.

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