How to Top Up Shopee Balance Via Indomaret (Min. TOP UP)

We can also get promos for playing lucky draw with contents through Indomaret. Because the minimum content requirement of 20 thousand is very appropriate through Indomare because the minimum content is only 20,000.

Shopeepay Content Method

To top up your balance, there are several methods you can do, such as using an ATM bank transfer service, mBanking or through Indomaret or Alfamart.

There is no charge for paying bills through Indomaret and Alfamart, while for bank transfers I don’t see the details because I use Alfa and Indo more often.

How to Top Up Shopee Balance via Indomaret

Some marketplaces do have their own payment methods, such as shopee which has shopeepay. But before using the digital wallet, you have to fill it up first.

1. Create a payment code through the shopee application. Enter shopeepay, then select fill in the balance and select Indomaret. At least 20 thousand, bro.

2. Determine the desired balance amount, then select Pay Now.

3. After the Payment Code is obtained, then just go to Indomaret.

4. If there is a computer in Indomaret, you can use the service to pay bills.

5. If there is no friend, you can ask the cashier.

6. To use the i.saku service, you just have to choose shopee.

7. Enter the phone number.

8. Enter the payment code that was created through the shopee application earlier.

9. Select a process.

10. Next, until you get the payment paper, you just have to pay through the cashier.

This shopee payment method through Indomaret certainly makes it easier for prospective buyers to top up their balances. Besides being scattered everywhere, we also don’t have to queue for too long.

Even if we queue, we can choose to go to another Indomaret, even if we want to queue, it shouldn’t take long. How about it, friend, filling up shopee balance is very easy, isn’t it?

Hopefully this article will be useful for how to top up shopee balance via Indomaret. Thank you

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