How To Turn Off Auto Correction Of Letters And Words On Our Android Keyboard

Tutorial on disabling text auto correction feature on Android keyboard

Some of you must have experienced it again cool typing even our typing has changed either in English or Indonesian which we think is irrelevant. sometimes this makes us uncomfortable and makes us uncomfortable when typing a chat message that suddenly changes its writing due to the features on the active keyboard.

This feature has been set automatically or by default by the system so we have to do a reset again to disable it. actually this feature is very helpful if you can use it, but there are some people who don’t like this text correction feature.

In our Android, we usually have a swift keyboard or Gboard installed which is a keyboard application for inputting letters, characters or other emoticons. Of course, every keyboard application on our Android has different advantages and disadvantages. well this time we will not discuss the advantages and disadvantages, but we will discuss about how to disable the auto text correction feature on our android.

Just look at it, I use a xiaomi cellphone and for those of you who use other cellphones, you can try to follow the tutorial below:

  1. Open Settings/Settings > Additional Settings > Language & Input
  2. After selecting the Gboard or Swift Keyboard you want to disable the Auto Correction feature.
  3. After that select disable the auto correction feature, Next-word suggestion, Suggest Contact Names, Show Suggestion in the settings Text Correction
    How To Turn Off Auto Correction Of Letters And Words On Our Android Keyboard
    Do the settings according to this picture, guys, and make sure you have disabled the features I mentioned above. every keyboard app has almost the same settings. it’s just that the location of the keyboard settings is a bit different.

  4. I turned off contact suggestions and disabled the auto correction feature on my Gboard android. make sure you choose the keyboard that you use so that there is an impact or the auto text correction deactivation is successful. I suggest that you only install one keyboard on your Android.

So after we disable the auto text correction feature, we will no longer be bothered by word suggestions while typing messages. and we also don’t have to worry anymore about changes in the results of typing our messages on the keyboard.

So after you disable the auto text correction feature, all the messages we type will not change words automatically, unless we are careless in typing them.

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