How to Use Shopee Coins for the Latest Shopping

Yo friend, soon the year will change. Will there be an event on the marketplace in Indonesia? We’ll just wait, bro. MYTH or FACT? Every time there is an event, there are 3 things that buyers look forward to the most, namely free shipping, discounts and cashback.

These three things are the most eagerly awaited, so many people “spend money” for discounted items or free shipping. Each marketplace usually has a payment system that is their own characteristic. Like shopee has shopeepay and shopee coins.

What is ShopeePay?

According to Gapunyakode, shopeepay is a digital wallet that functions as a means of product payment as long as there is a balance in it. And the nominal in ShopeePay can be withdrawn/transferred to the bank.

What are Shopee Coins?

According to Gapunyakode, shopee coins are coins that have value when shopping with a total value equal to rupiah, for example 1 rupiah is equal to 1 shopee coin in the application. But for now we can use shopee coins to cut the normal price by 25% from the original price.

For example, the price of an item is 20,000, so if we exchange shopee coins, the price will be 15 thousand. This can be used as an alternative as a discount. Because we can get shopee coins for free or use a voucher code.

How to Use Shopee Coins?

We can’t use shopee coins to pay the entire amount for each shopping. Because the rule is only 25%.

  • Make an item purchase
  • Before checkout, my friend activates shopee coin exchange. It is located near the “enter voucher” dean
  • Then Checkout

After successfully activating coin exchange, the price will be automatically deducted at the order stage.

Why Should We Use Shopee Coins?

Shopee coins can reduce the total price by 1/4 of the original price, you could say a discount. But other than that it turns out that the most important thing is, shopee coins have an active period of 3 months since they were obtained.

Therefore, if you don’t use it, it’s a shame, friend, it will be forfeited maybe next time. Because I think it will be lost.

How to Get Free Shopee Coins

  1. Can claim every day. The trick is to just enter the shopee coin menu then claim.
  2. Play available games. Some shopee games can generate shopee coins not just vouchers. Please give it a try
  3. Using Cashback Vouchers. Well, this cashback from shopee, as far as I know, will go to shopee coins, friend.

That’s a brief information about shopee coins, I hope it’s useful, friend. If you have additions about shopee coins, let’s discuss them together in the comments column. Thank you

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