ID FF Frost Diamond, this is the original account

ID FF Frost Diamond – Who doesn’t know the Free Fire game? Mobile games are quite popular with many people in various circles, from children, teenagers, to adults. Garena Free Fire has risen in popularity again from 2023 to 2023. The popularity of this game is proven by the large number of people downloading this mobile-based game on the Play Store.

Just like online games in general, Free Fire can also be played solo or together in duo, trio or squad. Nowadays, people more often call it playing together or Mabar. Octoberbe you are already familiar with this term mabar, especially if you are a gamer.

Please note, to be able to play Free Fire together you have to invite friends first. There is something called an ID, where this ID is needed to invite friends to play together. Talking about FF ID, every player certainly has this ID as their own account identity.

Pro players like Frost Diamond are no exception, he also has an FF account ID that is used to play Free Fire. Not a few are also looking for this FF Frost Diamond ID. Because by getting his FF ID, you might have the opportunity to play together. The following is a further explanation about Forest Diamond’s FF ID.

About ID FF Frost Diamond

Of course, before you know what Frost Diamond’s FF ID is, you also need to understand more deeply what the ID itself is. Free Fire itself has many names, one of which is ID. The FF ID can be called the player’s identity, in this case the Free Fire game. As the name suggests, the FF ID functions as a useful identity to show that the account is yours.

Meanwhile, the FF Frost Diamond ID itself can be said to be an identity that shows that the account belongs to Frost Diamond. UID FF Frost Diamond shows that Frost Diamond is a Free Fire player.

Original FF Frost Diamond ID

id ff frost diamond

Do you really want to know the real Frost Diamond FF ID number? OK, so Frost Diamond’s FF ID is 821587717.

After finding out, try looking for the ID number in the search column or add a free fire friend. There the Frost Diamond account will appear, you can add it to your friends list if the friendship slot is still available.

According to news circulating, this Frost Dimond FF account was obtained from buying it at a very expensive price. He admitted that the price of the ff account was 108 million.

And you need to remember, never misuse the ff ID to commit crimes or other negative things.

Characteristics of the FF Frost Diamond ID

Not only do you know your FF ID, you also have to know the characteristics of the Frost Diamond account on Free Fire. The goal is none other than so that you don’t confuse the Frost Diamond account with other player accounts. The following are the characteristics of Frost Diamond’s FF ID that you need to know.

  • The name of the frost diamond ff is FROSTDIAMOND.
  • The characters used are male characters.
  • Skin bundles and weapons are purple.
  • Often play in classic mode.
  • Rarely plays in ranked mode.
  • The ranking is still Bronze.
  • Every month I definitely buy an elite pass.
  • Haven’t received the heroic emblem badge yet.
  • The account level has reached 46 with the number of account likes around 240.

Short Bio of Frost Diamond

Frost Diamond, a man born in 1997, is a YouTuber and gamer. Frost Diamond’s real name is Kananda Widyantara with the nickname Brustface. He began to be active in cyberspace from 2023 until now.

He created a YouTube account in 2023 with the intention of just playing the Minecraft game. However, his name continues to grow until he has 19.6 million YouTube subscribers to date.

The final word

That’s a glimpse of the information we can convey about the FF Frost Diamond ID. Now you know who Frost Diamond is, what the characteristics of his Free Fire account are, and even the ID he uses. That way you can get to know and have the opportunity to play with Frost Diamond, right?

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