Note application or daily note-taker that is suitable for users who like to mutually change roms

App Notes I Recommend – I deliberately recommend this application because it deals with many android users and is already familiar with the use of gmail.

Google itself has provided many free facilities for its users such as the use of Google Drive which, although limited to only 15 GB, then uploading videos on YouTube and being able to make money is also provided for free by Google even though we only have quota capital, email is also free, and many more. others that I can not mention all of them. with this feature we can use it for the benefit of each of us.

this time we will discuss the Note application that can be used to record activities or as a reminder note that has been provided by our device. for example xiaomi, the xiaomi also provides a note application by default and is integrated with our account. so when you write Note in the default xiaomi application, then at any time you can only restore it if you use xiaomi again.

The difference with Google’s Note application is that when you change Rom or change to a different device, for example you sell your xiaomi and you buy Oppo, then you can no longer see your notes unless you log in on the micloud web. and I think this is quite complicated. we only need one note application but it can be opened on another device or even on another rom. Well, this is where I recommend Google’s Notes application.

After several times mutually changing cellphone roms, there are important notes stored in the default xiaomi rom and I can’t access them except logging in on the microphone, finally I downloaded the note application belonging to google and until now I very easily sync notes just by installing the note application belongs to google and login with my google account.

You can follow the tutorial below:

  1. Download Google’s Notes app
    Note application or daily note-taker that is suitable for users who like to mutually change roms
  2. if on android you are already connected to a google account, then we only need to open the note application and connect it to our google account. so at any time if we want to read our notes that we have made in this note, you only need to sync it with the google account where you save the note

So it’s more or less like this little review note belonging to Google. I think this application is very much needed by those of us who like to make small notes on cellphones, especially those who like to change cellphones and change roms. Now back to our choices. that’s all the information this time, hopefully the information that the informants convey can be helpful and useful.

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