Powerful Ways to Get Adsense Pins Home Safely

Get Our Adsense Pin Easily At The Post Office

This Adsense pin will be sent by google adsense after our balance reaches approximately 10 $. This Pin contains a unique code that is sent through the Post Office to be given to our home address. For friends who have not sent their Adsense Pin, I suggest you to immediately change the Adsense address according to their ID card. This Adsense pin is used to carry out the verification process later.

the latest verification process from adsense is to use an ID card and PIN, so when you have a balance of 10$, a notification will appear on your adsense account later, this notification instructs us to do the verification process for the adsense account by entering a scanned ID card and pin number. But we can enter our ID card first, after that we just have to wait for the adsense pin to come and then we enter the pin.

However, this Adsense PIN for some people will be difficult to obtain, the cause is sometimes many things. one of them could be because our address is not clear, then the shipping distance is far and so on.

How do we keep our Pins reaching us safely?

The method is quite easy, I have practiced this trick and have also done many of our friends who are in the adsense world. indeed, many complain that the adsense pin doesn’t come even after 3 months. You can follow the tips I gave, namely by visiting the nearest post office directly.

So this is it, you request a pin on September 22, 2022, for example, after that wait for 2 weeks later. if you have visited the post examiner’s office near your area. you ask politely and if it hasn’t arrived then you ask for the phone number of one of the post office employees. usually the opposite, they will ask for our phone number and record it to notify that the love letter from adsense has arrived. if you ask”From when has your letter been sent?“The answer”It’s been almost a month, sir“This is intended so that the postal staff respects us. Later if it has been recorded, then when the pin has arrived we will be notified via SMS. This method has been done a lot but if you are asked as I was asked, you can answer honestly or answer like I did.

In my experience, maybe someone has done this, once again I remind you that the address is filled in according to your ID card and try to keep the HP number listed is still active.

So for those of you whose Adsense pin hasn’t arrived, you can also go directly to the post office, who knows, it’s arrived but hasn’t had time to be delivered by the postman. Don’t forget to say thank you to the postman.

That’s my experience how to pick up adsense letters at the post office, hopefully your adsense letters can also arrive safely. oh yeah, forgot again that your ID card must be the correct address, make sure the address matches where you currently live. I’m afraid that you have moved and you still have an old ID card, sorry for the postman, who is confused about finding your house later. Thank you for visiting!!

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