The Easiest Way to Clone Android Apps APK

We certainly already know that android smartphones are identical to dual simcards, but there are also those who are still signed sim. Like the old Samsung Galaxy Gio smartphones, have you ever heard of Samsung Gio?

If you’ve heard it means that your youth was happy because it was filled with technological developments. But the subject of our discussion this time is not there, friend, but about how to clone or duplicate an Android application.

Needs in this era are indeed diverse, there are people who really need privacy. For example, the WhatsApp application wants to be separate between work WhatsApp (office) and personal WhatsApp (family, relatives, friends).

Therefore I will discuss this so that we can use android applications to the fullest. The method is not complicated because it is not difficult and to clone there are 2 ways, namely using additional applications and without additional applications.

The Easiest Way to Clone Android Apps

We will clone the application without using additional applications. We go to the settings menu (xiaomi). Then scroll down to find the Dual Apps menu, then select the application to be duplicated.

For MIUI 9 and 10, the location of the dual apps is still the same, bro, but for MIUI 11, the location of the dual apps is in the App menu, just search for it and select the App menu. An example is in the image below.

Next, if there is a notification “turn on google services” then my friend just select “turn on”. Wait a while after that my friend exits the dual apps settings and has succeeded in duplicating the apk on your smartphone.

Tips: When you want to disable an application from dual apps, you just have to go back to the dual app menu and disable it. When there is an option to reboot (restart) then just do it. Because it reduces the potential for application errors or cloned applications exiting themselves.

Next, how to clone an android application using an additional apk, namely “app cloner” you can download via appcloner(dot)com.

This application can duplicate more than one application and can even clone as many as 10 applications.

Tips: Before you install this application, make sure to enable “unknown sources” in your smartphone settings.

DWYOR, bro, hehe.

So much from me, thanks.

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