The Latest Update Version 0.10 PUBG Mobile Brings New Map and New Season, Let's Listen!!

Vikendi and Snow In PUBG Mobile – Pubg mobile has released a new map vikendi in pubg mobile update version 0.10 beta. This new map also brings a new season, namely snow. now you can play on pubg mobile with snow season.

The Latest Update Version 0.10 PUBG Mobile Brings New Map and New Season, Let's Listen!!
Vikendi Map Display in PUBG Mobile Beta Version 0.10

As we know, pubg mobile stable has released the rainy season and there is a night mode and this time it’s a snow mode guys. get ready you will get this update in your pubg game on PUBG Mobile Global stable version.

From the info I received, the map size of this vikendi is 6km x 6km and is equipped with snow mode. as we already know that on the Erangel map there is a night mode, sanhook rain mode and vikendi snow or snow mode, just waiting for miramar to add sandstorm mode wkwkw.

Not only snow mode and new maps have been added, there is also a new vehicle in this snow mode, namely the Snowmobile aka jet ski. other than the vehicle there are some changes such as people who exit when the game starts will be banned for some period of time. so for those of you who like to leave the game when you just start, you will have to wait some more time to be able to start the game or find the match. it’s like being penalized because we are afk, that’s how it is. but to update the information that was penalized, I can’t be sure that it will be in the global stable version 0.10 update, obviously we’ll just have to wait for other news.

Next, there is an update in the special settings section for cellphones with bangs, aka Notch, you can choose in the settings to activate the notch mode. right at the beginning of the game before starting we will also get a snowball that we can use to play on the vikendi spawn island.

For other info I will write after the official global version update is released. what is clear is how to get this snow or snow mode, you can only get it on the vikendi map. for the official global version update news, it’s still gray some say it’s 18 or 20 December 2022 but still can’t be sure. please be patient for those who want to try this snow mode.

For those of you who like to be gaming worms, in this Vikendi map it looks like it will be difficult, at least we have to be smart in playing our strategy and obviously use your white clothes to add to your camouflage in this Vikendi map. or you can also use the Gili suite which is white like snow.

Pubg mobile new map and how to get snow mode in pubg mobile game
Snowmobile aka Jet ski and gili suite sightings on the new vikendi pubg mobile new map

Official Vikendi Map It can be played on the global stable pubg mobile version even though it’s still a beta map version, meaning it’s still in the development stage so it’s possible that something will be added and changed later in this vikendi map. The resource update date is December 17 yesterday and the Vikendi map is active on December 21, 2022. The update is quite large, 1.5 GB and added 3.4 MB. then download the Vikendi map of 134 MB.

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