Update the Latest Rawit Wednesday Info and How to Register Axis Cheap Internet Packages

Wednesday is the day where Axis consumers wait for the latest information that will be held, usually called raw Wednesday. Besides cayenne wednesday, as far as i remember, there is also a good friday,

Well, this Friday’s promo is not as much as from Cayenne Wednesday but it’s quite helpful for friends who run out of Axis internet quota after Wednesday if you wait for Wednesday next week it’s going to be long hhe.

Axis card providers are included in the category of internet packages that are quite cheap, one example is the 2GB internet quota, which costs around 20,000, of course, only on cayenne, friends, hehe. Besides that, gamers friends will also be pampered with the Bronet 4G OWSEM internet package, what is it?

Bronet 4G Owsem is the latest type of package where the quota is divided into all networks, specifically for 4G, streaming, social media and games. For the price, it’s relatively cheap, a quota of 2GB is only priced at 18 thousand, don’t forget cayenne Wednesday, friend. hehe

Price Info for Axis Internet Packages Wednesday Rawit This Week

  1. Bronet 8GB – 24 Hours Nonstop – 30 Days – Cost Rp. 45,900
  2. Bronet 3GB – 24 Hours Nonstop – 30 days – Cost Rp. 31,900
  3. Bronet 2GB – 24 Hours Nonstop – 30 Days – Cost Rp. 24,900

Price Info for Wednesday Rawit Bronet 4G Promo Internet Packages Owsem

  1. Bronet 4G Owsem 2GB – 24 Hours Nonstop – 30 Days – Cost Rp. 18,900
  2. Bronet 4G Owsem 4GB – 24 Hours Nonstop – 30 Days – Cost Rp. 30,900
  3. Bronet 4G Owsem 8GB – 24 Hours Nonstop – 30 Days – Cost Rp. 48,900
  4. Bronet 4G Owsem 12GB – 24 Hours Nonstop – 30 Days – Cost Rp. 64,900

How to Buy Axis Wednesday Rawit Promo Internet Packages

  1. Make sure you buy on wednesday
  2. Via dial *123*888#
  3. Via the Axisnet app! can be downloaded via playstore

If you don’t buy on Wednesday, the price for the package is subject to the general price, not the promo price. Emeing isn’t it? hehe.

That’s a little bit of the latest information about the promo of the Axis internet package on Wednesday Cayenne. Hope it’s useful, thank you

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